25-26 May: Lights flickering and no hot water

Hi everyone, A quick summary/update on the lights flickering and lack of hot water this weekend (taken from the Wick Hall Facebook group message trail). Apparently light flickering has been going on for quite a while (around two weeks). The situation worsened this week end and also affected the hot water system. Jim and the electricians have been working on it. The flickering seems to have been resolved, but the water is still cold.

UPDATE: 10 am on Sunday morning Jim. is on the case – big fuse gone in the boiler room, Heatcraft looking for a new one, they hope to have it fixed by midday, so hope you can have your Sunday bath this evening   Hopefully it will be all back to normal soon. Riccardo

Wick Hall no longer considered of interest

Via Google I came across the proposed removal of Wick Hall from the Brighton and Hove local list of noteworthy buildings.  Apologies if this has already been discussed but I see that the council has conducted a review of “heritage assets”


and its view is that Wick Hall is not worthy of listing, principally it seems because it is viewed as of inferior design to Furze Croft



The deadline for comments on this was March 15 but I should think that any comments would still be considered before the report is finalised and a decision taken.

The council web page states: “These comments are now being considered in producing a final recommended local list.  This will be brought to Economic Development and Culture Committee for approval.”