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In order to protect the privacy of the information and of the people living here, this website has restricted access and you will need to register and login to be able to enjoy it. During the registration you can apply to join the Wick Hall Facebook group as Well.

If you experience problems with the registration or login process please contact is at: webmaster@wickhall.org.uk

Wick Hall is a thriving all-age community. This Website has been compiled by your neighbours and members of the Wick Hall Residents Association to provide tips and information which we hope will help new residents settle in and everyone enjoy living here. We also have a Facebook group page.

Check the oncoming events for the year 2015 and also browse the Interaction section for the various options available to communicate with the other residents and to post your comments, useful information and suggestions for improvements to our community and this website.
Also within the footer at the bottom you can find links to the download and contacts pages.

If you have suggestions for additions or corrections to this website and its contents please contact the site administrator.